“Earn Your Feathers” Program Debut

“Earn Your Feathers” Program Debut
Posted on 01/17/2023
Students at Drawing

January 2023 was the official launch of the new “Earn Your Feathers” program for our 7th and 8th grade students. The “Earn Your Feathers” program is a part of a Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS). PBIS is a framework used in junior high schools to promote positive behavior and create a safe and supportive learning environment. The framework focuses on using positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors and improve school culture. The importance of positive reinforcement in school culture cannot be overstated. When students are regularly recognized for positive behavior, they are more likely to continue to engage in those behaviors. Students will feel seen, valued, and respected, which can lead to improved self-esteem and overall well-being. Furthermore, positive reinforcement can reduce unwanted behaviors and create a more positive and productive learning environment for all students.

The “Earn Your Feathers” program is of course a play on our beloved mascot, the Scarlet Bird. All staff members were given a set of red paper feathers (handmade!) to present to students for positive behavior. We want to recognize the students who help others without being asked, participate in taking care of our building, and engage in proactive behaviors with their peers. In just one week, the buzz is around the building for earning feathers…students are asking for a feather instead of extra credit! We had our first drawing on Friday, January 13th during 7th and 8th lunch. With lots of fanfare, we rolled out “the birdcage” and drew 4 lucky feathers! Those students had the opportunity to choose from a variety of gift cards as their prize - all of them chose Dunkin Donuts! The positive energy and excitement was palpable as students cheered on their winning peers, and no doubt hoped that their feathers would be pulled next!

We are so very grateful for the generous donations from businesses around Ridgefield Park and JSHS parents who have donated to this worthy endeavor. If you would like to donate rewards for this program, please reach out to Mrs. Cavins, Principal or Mrs. Pucciarelli, Dean of 7th & 8th Programs.

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